Arrival In Crete – Find Accommodation

Arrival In Crete – Finding Long Term Accommodation


I had abandoned the UK for sunnier climate and a more relaxed lifestyle. So here I was newly arrived in Crete and staying at a flat I had found and paid for on the internet, yes a very good holiday rentals site. I have not been able to find this site more recently so if you have any ideas what its called and where it is please let me know. All I can remember is it was something like holiday-rentals.

I had taken the flat for a month and so I had plenty of time to find something more permanent and cheaper. Now that I am in Crete the rental prices are a lot cheaper than on the internet but of course you have to be here.

I had arranged a rental car from the airport for the month as well, so it was great to have transport and to be able to drive about looking for alternative accommodation.

I like Georgioupolis but it was tourist prices very expensive so I decided to stick with the area on the west of Rethymnon in an area called on Adelianos Kambos here there is a great night life and its close to Rethymnon without being actually in a town/city.

I had decided to try a hotel crawl to at all the hotels and ask if a more permanent (long term) room was available. Well that was an experience especially with the language problem or should I say I don’t speak Greek so it was my fault. On the second day of looking I hit really lucky a 3star hotel on the beach had a lovely receptionist who spoke great English and she disappeared behind reception for a few minutes and returned with a “Yes” we have a room that you can have on a monthly basis well my heart skipped a beat or two “how much will that cost” said I the answer was astounding it was 350 Euros a month I snapped her hand off and arranged a date to move in then we looked at the room it was a standard 2 person room with balcony overlooking the pool and bar area. Great!!!

I had found a more permanent place to live and it was on the beach with shops and restaurants close by.

What a bit of luck.

seafront hotel




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About Graham Ridgewell

I left school at 16 and I spent the next 40 years of my life doing mostly computer systems work. After trying out being a draughtsman and some factory work I was so lucky to get into computers in 1966. After a few years programming and systems work I became a programming manager a systems analyst and eventually a contract analyst/programmer selling my services through the 1970’s and 1980’s.

I retired in 2003 and went to live abroad where the sun shines.
Crete is where I ended up.

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