Our Dog Training

Dog Training (or the lack of)

We got Jesse as a tiny pup straight from her mother she was such a lovely bundle of joy.


Well the years have gone by and now Jesse is 4 she is still lovely but!!

She has a very strong will of her own and because she is a Westie (West Highland White) likes to bark, she barks at people passing
the house whether she hears or sees them through the window, she barks.
The front postbox has had to be fenced off from her so she does not take the postman’s hand off (all in good fun she says).
Any ouside noises she barks and now we have Sam a Yorkie who is picking up Jesse’s bad habits and also barking at everything.

Well we did try training when she was a lot younger but all the other dogs were larger and the teacher wanted us to run alongside
Jesse during training, well my partner cannot run anywhere, bad knees!

So at the ripe old age of 4 we have had to get the training going again we contacted a trainer and a visit was arranged for last week
so we are now in the first week of training Jesse and Sam as to who is boss well its us of course,
but the dogs don’t know that so we have to retrain them to know who is boss.


Wish us luck – Thankyou we will pray

West Highland White Terrier Dominant Tool by TrainPetDog

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