My Holiday Home Abroad

It was during the mid 1980’s when I heard that my brother was buying a bar in Tenerife and that it was in an apartment block which still had a number of properties left for sale.

My father had moved to Tenerife on his 65th birthday I remember that he had retired literally to the day, and driven his Ford towing a trailer across Europe and down to Tenerife. He and his new wife had sold up in the UK and gone “good for him” I remember saying at the time.

It seems this bar was in the next-door complex to where my father lived. Dad was going into the apartment caretaker business looking after holiday apartments in the area so if I wanted to buy there in Los Christianos they would look after my apartment as well, I was busy making money in the UK at the time as a freelance computer consultant so it was easy to take a week and fly to Tenerife to take a look.

Well I did buy the apartment (posh name for a studio) it was great 3rd floor up at the front being built on a hill the back was ground level. The studio overlooked the pool and yes my brothers bar was there by the pool. We equipped the place with spare sheets towels etc and all the basic furniture to make it nice for everyone.

Well Yes! it all worked out great, I holidayed in Tenerife for a number of years and the income from rentals paid for maintenance of the studio and helped towards flight costs as you can imagine we went there a few times a year. Most of my rental clients came from Daltons Weekly adverts that I placed.

For those thinking of buying a holiday home abroad be careful of the property care-taking and maintenance it costs a fortune and of course you have to find someone you can trust and who lives locally to look after your clients. I recommend it as long as you have that side covered so much so I am looking to buy something now, but prices have tripled since the 1980’s but I am still looking in Spain and Greece for a small 2 bedroom apartment with local caretakers (not easy to find).






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About Graham Ridgewell

I left school at 16 and I spent the next 40 years of my life doing mostly computer systems work. After trying out being a draughtsman and some factory work I was so lucky to get into computers in 1966. After a few years programming and systems work I became a programming manager a systems analyst and eventually a contract analyst/programmer selling my services through the 1970’s and 1980’s.

I retired in 2003 and went to live abroad where the sun shines.
Crete is where I ended up.

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